Sydney Indie FF 18th October 6PM – World Drama at its Best! Hysteria + Short films!

Sydney Indie Film Festival – World Drama at its Best! Hysteria + Short films! @ The Local!
Feature Film: “Hysteria”
Short films “Crude” “Rajam” “Ripples on the Water

Tuesday, 18th October 2016
Time: 6PM
Location: Screening Cinema Room @ The Local

Feature Film:
Hysteria (MEXICO)
(Australian Premiere)
Director: Carlos Meléndez
Cast: Héctor Kotsifakis, Sharon Zundel, Noé Hernández, Enrique Arreola, Fernando Becerril
Synopsis: Federico Anduaga is a shy and feeble architect victim of a violent and abusing surrounding. When he gets a new job at a construction company, he finds himself involved in a corruption scheme.
The pressure he suffers at work added to the constant abuse will lead him to transform his fear into the wrath that will push him to an unexpected limit of his own humanity.




Short Films:

Crude (USA, QATAR)
Director: Sion Ribeiro Joseph
Cast: Avias Schultz
Synopsis: Crude is a short experimental fashion film based on the themes of the middle east, women in the middle east and the damage that the excavation of natural resources have had on its iconic wildlife and nature. The film follows the journey of a young women wandering through the wasteland of the now damaged deserts in the search for the final untouched oasis of nature and life.



Director: Amanda Renee Knox
Cast: Najla Said, Sam Kasem, Deja Soufka, Tulsi Ram , Sam Kaledi, Sarah Himadeh, Alberto Zeni
Synopsis: A Syrian woman living under strict Sharia Law is accused of adultery, imprisoned and sentenced to death by stoning.



Ripples on the Water (USA)
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om7MAA14nog
Director: Alexander Falcon
Cast: Ruty Rutenberg, Paulina Michaels, Marlon Aquino
Synopsis: After losing his wife and contemplating suicide, Leo has a life-changing encounter with a young man who tries to rob him.