Sydney Indie FF Monday 17th October 8PM – Psychological Thriller Night! Mile End + Short films!

Sydney Indie Film Festival – Psychological Thriller Night! Mile End + Short films!
Feature Film “Mile End” is about so many things, it will leave you wanting more, its intriguingly addictive!
+ Short films For “My Friends in Detention” (short doco) “Lola wants to see the sea” “Silence is Golden”

Monday, 17th October 2016
Time: 7:30PM
Location: Screening Cinema Room @ The Local

Feature Film:
Mile End (UK)
(Sydney Premiere)
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/137930385
Director: Graham Higgins
Cast: Alex Humes, Mark Arnold, Heidi Agerholm Balle, Valmike Rampersad, Mary Jane Lowe
Synopsis: After being forced out of his job, London executive Paul Kerr (Alex Humes) is left doubting his future until he runs into John (Mark Arnold), a friendly American who seems to have all the answers. They both agree that life isn’t fair and John comes up with a radical plan to turn Paul’s life around. But when a young banker (Valmike Rampersad) is found murdered, Paul begins to question what John really wants.




Short Films:
For My Friends in Detention (AUSTRALIA)
Director: Zebedee Parkes
Synopsis: ‘For my Friends in Detention’ is a short documentary that examines the impact refugee activism in Australia has on people on both sides of the fence.
It focuses on the relationship of Sarah, a refugee activist and Cali a Tamil refugee.
The film draws upon observational footage filmed over several years of the campaign that includes Sarah’s first experience of a detention centre and Cali’s first speech after getting his freedom.



Lola wants to see the sea (GERMANY)
Director: Natalie MacMahon
Cast: Natalie MacMahon, Ali Bulgan, Cyrus Rahbar, Matthias Rheinheimer
Synopsis: This is a film about finding yourself while becoming a woman. LOLA likes to get into cars with strangers- to get away, to take the risk and do something unexpected, dangerous and exciting. Every time Lola meets someone new, she makes up a story and identity, but most of the time, she calls herself “Lola” and tells them that she wants to see the sea. Hitchhiking has become her hobby and taking a risk her passion until one day someone makes her see herself in a different light.




Silence is Golden (AUSTRALIA)
Director: Katharine Rogers
Cast: Carla Nirella, Brendon Taylor, Kai Raisbeck , Gil Balfas, Nathaniel Scotcher, Timothy Cole
Synopsis: Louise goes on a series of increasingly bad dates until she realises she happier on her own.