Sydney Indie Film Festival – BEST TRAILER AWARDS


This year, we are launching the “Best Trailer Awards” for Short Films and Feature Films, to encourage and support filmmakers to have one of their best marketing tools ready and fierce out there in the world!


List of our Traditional Awards:

Best Film – Feature Film

Best Screenplay – Feature Film

Best Director – Feature Film

Best Lead Male Actor – Feature Film

Best Lead Female Actor – Feature Film

Best Cinematography – Feature Film

Best Music Score – Feature Film

Best Editing – Feature Film

Best Production Design – Feature Film

Best Special Effects – Feature Film


Best Film – Short Film

Best Screenplay – Short Film

Best Director – Short Film

Best Lead Male Actor – Short Film

Best Lead Female Actor – Short Film

Best Cinematography – Short Film

Best Music Score – Short Film

Best Editing – Short Film

Best Production Design – Short Film

Best Special Effects – Short Film

Additional awards categories to be announced every year.

In 2015 we screened 62 films and gave away 42 Awards between Feature Films and Short Films.

In 2016 we screened 90 films and gave away 50 Awards between Feature Films and Short Films.

Awards included Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Support Actor, Best Support Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Music Score, Best Editing, Best Production Design, Best Special Effects, Best Drama, Best Comedy, Best Thriller, Best Science Fiction, Best Romantic Comedy, Best Animation, Best Documentary, Best Feel Good Film, Best Family Film, Best True Story Film, Indie Spirit Award, Extra Mile Award, Best Australian Film, Best Made in Sydney Film, Made in Sydney Extra Mile, Made in Sydney Indie Spirit.

If you’re a first time filmmaker and would like some tips on how to get your first trailer ready, check out this article:



From 2017, it will be mandatory for all Official Selections Feature Films to have a teaser trailer.

We do massive online and print publicity for the festival to promote how awesome Indie Films are, that films don’t need to have “Hollywood” budget and stars to be great, that it’s all about great stories, and Teaser Trailers are one of the main items to get the audience to choose which films they want to watch and get everybody to come and watch your films!

Trailers are not mandatory for Official Selections Short Films, but short films selections with trailers are also competing for the Best Trailer Award in the Short Films category!