Sydney Indie FF 15th October 3PM – The Hunters Club + Shorts! Action Session! + Q&A with the Filmmakers!

Sydney Indie Film Festival -  Showing Saturday 15th October 3PM: The Hunters Club + Shorts! Action + Action + more Action! + Q&A with the Filmmakers! At The Epping Hotel!
Feature Film “The Hunters Club”
Short Films “Life’s a Drag” “Midnight Walk” “Rusty! “

Saturday, 15th October 2016
Time: 4:15PM
Location: Screening Cinema Room @ The Bayview

Feature Film:

The Hunters Club (AUSTRALIA)
Film introduced by Filmmaker Kit McDee (The Hunters Club) followed by Q&A after screenings

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/90450318
Director: Kit McDee
Cast: Nicholas Gunn, Ty Hungerford, Brad McMurray, Carmel Rose, Ashlee Lollback, Lauren A Jackson
Synopsis: Mike, an easygoing skate guy and martial artist, is thrust into a hidden world of murder and assassination after running into his best friend Ed, 10 years after thinking he was Killed In Action. In order to keep Mike alive, Ed must now attempt to convince the Hunters Club Mike is an assassin in training, before the truth is revealed and they are both killed.




Short Films:

Film introduced by Filmmaker Doug McNeil (Rusty!) followed by Q&A after screenings

Life’s a Drag (AUSTRALIA)
Director: Robin Royce Queree
Cast: Peter Mcullum, Robin Royce Queree, Amanda Marsden
Synopsis: Two old drag queens making up for a final show and pondering on life.




Midnight Walk (AUSTRALIA)
Director: Mathilde Nocquet
Cast: Kate Peck, Charlotte Williars, Taylor Ferguson
Synopsis: Midnight, hidden by sunglasses and a badass vinyl disguise, a mysterious brunette is looking for her victim. Plunged into darkness, a car park is the stage of her next murder.



Director: Doug McNeil
Cast: Sophie Thurling, Thomas Caine, Adelle Munsie
Synopsis: A first date turns terribly wry when the family dog goes walkabout!



Film introduced by Filmmaker Doug McNeil (Rusty!) followed by Q&A after screenings