Sydney Indie Film Festival – Thrilling Shorts – + Q&A with Filmmakers! Thursday, 21st September 7:40PM!

Sydney Indie Film Festival – Thrilling Shorts “Buckets” “Calloused Hearts” “I’m Fine” “Liz Drives” “Padlock” “Pardaa (Curtain)” “The Penal Colony” “Tightly Ground” “When We Meet Again” + Q&A with Filmmakers!

Edge of the Seat Shorts – Thriller Drama!
Thursday, 21st of September 2017
Time: 7:40PM


Films introduced by Filmmakers Jay Taylor (I’M FINE) REN THACKMAN & FELICITY KEEP (THIGHLY GROUND) followed by Q&A after screenings.


For the Red Carpet Meetings & Greetings Shananigans :)


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Short Films:

Buckets (USA)

Director: Julia Jones
Cast: Olivia Nikkanen, Wolfgang Novogratz, Martin Harvey, Chuck McMahon
Synopsis: A girl learns the brutal sacrifices it takes to satisfy her love.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/207316128

Calloused Hearts (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Clancy Sinnamon
Cast: Jake Harrison, Max Mckay, Mark Myers, Bronwyn Schmerl
Synopsis: A confronting drama about the harsh reality of domestic violence in rural Australia, told through the eyes of a confused adolescent boy.


Director: Jay Taylor
Cast: Vanessa Crouch, Cameron Stewart
Synopsis: I’m Fine is a short drama about Kate, a young and outwardly happy Australian woman, living an ordinary life in a seemingly ordinary way. But as we follow Kate over a few days, it’s obvious that being “fine” is becoming increasingly difficult as her mental health deteriorates.
This short film from first time director Jay Taylor explores the pressure to be “fine”. And what can really be behind that simple answer of “I’m Fine.”

Liz Drives (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Mia’kate Russell
Cast: Sophia Davey, Cassandra Magrath, Christopher Kirby, Amy Bradney-George
Synopsis: For estranged sisters Liz and Ellie being a family has never been easy – but there are some horrors you create yourself.

Padlock (UK)

Director: Ben Hyland
Cast: Valmike Rampersad, Gina Bramhill, Antonia Bernath, Rebecca Grant, Martina Laird, John Paul Connolly
Synopsis: Matt stares at the padlocked cabinet in his bathroom. Its contents a mystery. Its power overwhelming. Its fear palpable. The only person that holds the key to the padlock is Matt’s partner, Julie. On one night, the key is turned in the lock and the truth about their relationship is unleashed.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/189450508

Pardaa (Curtain) (UK)

Director: Kajri Babbar
Cast: Komal Amin , Hassan Khan , Aditi Bajpai, Ninaz Khodaji
Synopsis: In the need of money, an Indian-Muslim girl sacrifices her religious morals when she starts working in a strip-club and is willing to do anything to keep it a secret.

The Penal Colony (UK)

Director: Lindsey Aliksanyan, Manos Cizek
Cast: Mariana Novak, Constantine Markoulakis, Elena Mirtchofska, Susan DiBona, Salvatore Sangiovanni, Nadia Tolokonnikova
Synopsis: The Penal Colony is a political short film based on Pussy Riot’s Nadia Tolokonnikova’s brutal account of the two-year imprisonment inside a Russian women’s prison, the human rights abuse she and others endured and her eventual hunger strike leading to international media acknowledging the abuse being endured by the women of Penal Colony #14 of Mordovia.
The screenplay was adapted based on interviews with Nadia Tolokonnikova’s as well as her open letter titled ‘Why I have gone on hunger strike’ written in secret from prison and published in the Guardian newspaper on the 23rd of September, 2013.

Tightly Ground (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Ren Thackham
Cast: Felicity Keep, Danny Bolt
Synopsis: This is a film about social anxiety, what are the stakes when you’re just having a friendly dinner with friends? What’s the worst that could happen if you don’t fit in? Bryan is about to find out, the night takes an unexpected turn when the subject of coffee comes up.

When We Meet Again (DENMARK)

Director: William Sehested Høeg
Cast: Elias Munk, Roberta Hilarius Reichhardt, Henning Valin, Trine Appel
Synopsis: Mads has been traveling across Europe for three months with his two childhood friends, Simon and Sara. To celebrate his safe return, Mads’ family has organised a welcome home lunch – but the meal is interrupted by a call from Sara’s father claiming Sara was raped on the last night of the trip. This throws Mads into the biggest dilemma of his life.



Films introduced by Filmmakers followed by Q&A after screenings.





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