Sydney Indie Film Festival – Love Socks – Feature Film

Sydney Indie Film Festival – Love Socks – Sunday 18th October 4PM – Romantic Comedy

Feature Film:

Love Socks (Australia)

The mismatches of love and body functions!

A heart warming story about the misunderstandings that get on the way of love. The silly little things that we make big deal about and end up letting stop us from fully embracing life and love.

As a child Frederica is diagnosed with a phenomenon called Reynolds Aguda, which means she will sneeze forever. She finds out that the only way to stop her affliction is to wear socks. The film unfolds the troubles that follows when she loses her socks. With close friends by her side helping her through, she might be able to find love after all.

LOVE SOCKS is an entertaining look into love, family, friends and body functions conflicts.

LOVE SOCKS is partly based in true events.

Director: Shailla Quadra
Cast: Michelle Mattiuzzi, Shailla Quadra, Olga Assabgy, Amber Gokken, Adam Williamson, Rhys Gillmer, Natalie Rose, Samantha Beames, Paul Armstrong, Khanh Trieu, Matthew Grego, Tia Malouhi, Joseph Famularo


love socks movie poster by shailla