Sydney Indie Film Festival – Comedy Shorts + Q&A with Filmmakers! Saturday, 23rd of September 2:00PM

Sydney Indie Film Festival – Comedy Shorts “#Actorslife” “Filling In” “Fisheries Cops”
“Girl Meets Roach” “Off Book” “Sick” “The Fox” “The Fox” “The United Guys Network” “überRICH” + Q&A with Filmmakers!

Epic Shorts – Comedy!

Saturday, 23rd of September 2017
Time: 2:00PM



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Short Films:

#Actorslife (CANADA)

Director: Clint D’Souza
Cast: Steve Kasan, David Jessop, Antoine Rose Cast: Steve Kasan, David Jessop, Antoine Rose
Synopsis: A selfie-addicted, struggling actor that would do anything to gain fame and so happens to be at the right place at the right time, but he gets in the wrong car when mistaken for someone else.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/224100311

Filling In (USA)

Director: Bradley Hawkins
Cast: Jared Odrick, Karl Holtz
Synopsis: A gentle giant of man, down on his luck, considers a risky and covert career path. To help him learn the ropes, a grizzled vet in the field takes him under his wing.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/202705545

Fisheries Cops (AUSTRALIA)

Director: Cameron Roberts
Cast: Liam Stapleton, Ben Harvey, Paul Richards, Cameron Doyle
Synopsis: When the sand and dunes turn to mud and mangroves it takes dedicated people to venture out and protect our marine life. Brenton and Frank are Fisheries Cops and they take the job seriously. But when their greatest enemy ‘The Cockle Bandit’ strikes deep into their waters it’s time for them to prove themselves as marine warriors once and for all.

Girl Meets Roach (USA)

Director: Christopher Zatta
Cast: Alison Zatta, Mia-Carina Mollicone, Jason Wilson, Dennis Hill
Synopsis: Dumped just before Christmas, a brokenhearted young woman forms an unlikely friendship…with a cockroach.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/216783416

Off Book (USA)

Cast: Anthony Hill , Mindy Fay Parks, Eric Feltes
Synopsis: OFF BOOK is an offbeat comedy about living the scripted life.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/219038471


Director: Jacintho Muinos
Cast: Natalie Harris, Pat Moonie
Synopsis: After a debaucherous night out, man-child Andrew tries to cover up all evidence of his misdoings.


Director: Luke Chetham
Cast: Ben Hamilton, Angelika Nieweglowski, Mitch Garling
Synopsis: The hunter becomes the hunted in this animalistic tale of seduction, deception, revenge… and fish.

The United Guys Network (CANADA)

Director: Tabatha Golat
Cast: Georgie Daburas, David MacKenzie, Dustin Finnerty, John Kerrigan, Meghan Hemingway, Tara Webster
Synopsis: Loving newlywed husband Paul Seger is making the other guys in the neighbourhood look bad. Time for The United Guys Network to step in and teach him how to be a ‘real’ husband.

Director: Christine Milo
Cast: Alicia Banit, Sophie Don, Christine Milo, Anna Waters-Massey
Synopsis: When a trio of masked bandits fail to organise a getaway vehicle for a jewellery heist, they find themselves as passengers on a rideshare driver’s first day.

Films introduced by Filmmakers followed by Q&A after screenings.