Sydney Indie Film Festival 2017 – Screening Program Unveiled!

Sydney Indie Film Festival 2017 – Screening Program Unveiled!

Att: All Filmmakers & Film Fans!

We are proud and excited to share with all of you the screening’s schedule for the Sydney Indie Film Festival 2017 events!


Please note: this is just a draft post of the schedule specially for all official selections filmmakers interstate and international who are planning the travel details to come and join us at the festival, so they all know their screening dates and can start planning the festival holidays!


Photos, Posters, Trailers, all on the way!


Tickets bookings for all sessions at Event Cinemas George St  will keep coming one by one getting completed this week at our Eventbrite Page:


We all also immediately create Facebook Events to each individual event as they come and share on our Facebook page so you can all share and invite your friends from the Official Sydney Indie Facebook Page Events!



Plenty more of exciting updates coming!

Stay tuned!

Filmmakers already confirmed coming from all around Sydney, Australia, USA, Sweden and France to join us for their film’s premiere events and Q&A sessions with the audience! Sydney Indie 2017 is going to be Epic!



The Sydney Indie Film Festival 2017 will take place from 18-28 September at the Event Cinemas George Street inaugural Festival Space!

+ Full day of Free Film Events on the 22nd of September at Woollahra Library Double Bay!

You can start reserving your tickets for the free events at:


Looking forward to seeing you all here at the 2017 events!



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Opening Night: 

Monday, 18th of September 2017

Red Carpet Arrival: 5:00PM

Time: 5:30PM

Feature Film: Flow Australia https://vimeo.com/213402435


Blackbird Australia

Shoot Me Nicely United States https://vimeo.com/189033814

To Build a Fire France https://vimeo.com/178911895


Opening Night

Red Carpet Arrival: 7:10PM

Monday, 18th of September 2017

Time: 7:40PM

Feature Film: Bitch  Sweden, India

Short Films:

The Apocalypse will be Automated Australia

Whoever Was Using This Bed Australia https://vimeo.com/122571165


Action & Adventure

Tuesday, 19th of September 2017

Time: 5:30PM

Feature Film: The Goners Australia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRMYU4MldG8

Short Films:

Doll’s House United Kingdom

Mai Australia

My Treasure El Salvador

Plane France


Action Thriller & Comedy!

Tuesday, 19th of September 2017

Time: 7:40PM

Feature Film: The Great Unwashed United Kingdom https://vimeo.com/213817066

Short Films:

Bleeding Backs Australia

Far From The Tree United States https://vimeo.com/221285254

See You In Hell United Kingdom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q9wkqhnpOw


Marriages & Divorces – SciFi + Comedy + Drama

Wednesday, 20th of September 2017

Time: 5:30PM

Feature Film: Shop of Little Pleasures Austria

Short Films:

Samuel Australia

Skin Deep United Kingdom https://vimeo.com/211467972


Epic Shorts World!

Wednesday, 20th of September 2017

Time: 7:40PM

Short Films:


Bride of Frankie United States

Fitzgerald United States

Goodbye, mister D Russian Federation/Italy/Sweden https://vimeo.com/215062350

My Indian Rhapsody United States/India/United States https://vimeo.com/137991899

RINGO ROCKET STAR and his song for Yuri Gagarin Netherlands/Serbia

Spinosaurus United Kingdom

The Skydiver & The Scarecrow Australia

Tooth Fairy United Kingdom


The Passionate Ones

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

Time: 5:30PM

Feature Film: Lars and the Baron (The poacher) Sweden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDUFWshTSg8&t=9s

Short Films:

Modern Houses United States

Windscreens: The Australian Dream Australia https://vimeo.com/220961576


Epic Shorts – Thriller Drama!

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

Time: 7:40PM

Short Films:

Buckets United States https://vimeo.com/207316128

Calloused Hearts Australia

I’m Fine Australia

Liz Drives Australia

Padlock United Kingdom https://vimeo.com/189450508

Pardaa (Curtain) United Kingdom

The Penal Colony United Kingdom

Tightly Ground Australia

When We Meet Again Denmark



Friday 22 September 2017, 9:30am-6:30pm

Woollahra Library, 451 New South Head Road, Double Bay

Join Woollahra Libraries and Sydney Indie Film Festival to watch a film or two as we showcase the best independently made films from all over the world, including documentaries and family favourites.

Cost: Free

Booking essential online



Friday 22 September 2017, 9:30am-10:30am

Feature Documentary: 25 Tracks AUSTRALIA

It’s 2011 and twentyfive plan to write, record then release a fresh song every two weeks of the year. twentyfive are two unknown, indie songwriters.  Cath loves pop, Nick loves garage rock. She wants jazz flute, he wants a dirty guitar. Is this ever going to work, are they totally deluded, is it an impossible goal?This is not reality TV, it’s not a competition, it’s real musicians doing their own thing. And we’ve had to wait five years to see the result!



Friday 22 September 2017, 9:30am-10:45am

Feature Documentary: City of Joy USA/DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO

In Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, an area waging one of the longest conflicts in history and ravaged by sexual violence – we discover The City of Joy. This ultimately uplifting film centers around Jane, a student in the first class at a center where women who have suffered unimaginable abuse come together to create a revolutionary community of leaders.



Friday 22 September 2017, 11:00am-12:00pm

Feature Documentary: Coal is it worth it? AUSTRALIA

Filmed in Australia, the film shows the effect of coal mining on the land and in the air we breath. It depicts the destruction caused by invasive coal expansion near our farms and forests. It also documents some of the inspirational people who have dedicated their lives to stopping this destruction of our environment. Some of the best experts in the field of climate change, give us hope and knowledge to save the climate for future generations.



Friday 22 September 2017, 11:00am-12:30pm

Feature Film: F*** You Jessica Blair ISRAEL

Karni feels detached. Detached from the world, detached from her country, detached from her language and even her own body. That is, until she meets Jessica, who happens to be on a much needed break from her dreamlike American life. While getting lost in the middle of nowhere, the pair meet two bewildered Israelis, and this band of misfits wander their way through questions of life, age, chewing gum, and themselves.



Friday 22 September 2017, 12:00pm-1:00pm

Feature Documentary: Jeedara the Film AUSTRALIA

In 2016 The Great Australian Bight Alliance announced the launch of ‘Operation Jeedara’ – a campaign that would see Sea Shepherd’s the ‘Steve Irwin’ sail into the heart of the Great Australian Bight to document the beauty of the region in order to showcase what we would all stand to lose if we let BP drill there.

This film is the story of the campaign, showcasing nature on a grand scale and one of the big environmental wins of 2016. Director: Tim Watters, Country of Origin: Australia.



Friday 22 September 2017, 12:30pm-1:45pm

Feature Documentary: Sauti USA/UGANDA

Sauti” (“Voice” in Swahili) follows the efforts of five young women who were brought to the  Uganda’s Kyangwali Refugee Settlement as children and who, as they approach adulthood, strive to pursue their dreams for a future beyond the constraints of a protracted refugee situation in an underdeveloped host country. Though safer than they were before, little else has changed since fleeing war and persecution years ago in their home countries of Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan. “Sauti” poses hard questions and rejects easy answers. As the girls mature into women, we discover they are little different, in their most essential hopes and dreams, from us. Only the vastness of their challenges, and the simple resolve of their responses, sets them apart.



Friday 22 September 2017, 1:15pm-2:15pm

Feature Documentary: Little Wound’s Warriors

As Pine Ridge Indian Reservation faces the lasting effects of inter-generational trauma as well as a recent teen suicide epidemic, the voices of Little Wound High School students rise up in hope through their traditions, language, and the Lakota warrior heritage.



Friday 22 September 2017, 2:00pm-2:45pm

Short Films:

The Silent Child


Alternative Math

The Silent Child is inspired by real life events and tells the story of a profoundly deaf child born into a hearing family.

A caring social worker does everything she can to stop a deaf child from being treated like a stumbling block in a middle class family’s idealistic life.

Director: Chris Overton, Country of origin: UK

Balancé” is a short documentary telling the story of working ballet dancer, Laura Purkiss. She is a soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet with a unique difference; she is also Laura Tye; mother of two.

The portrait of Laura not only affirms the difficulties of balancing everyday family life with the hard work and dedication it takes to dance with a world class ballet company; but seeks to uncover the social challenges in returning to the work place after child birth.

Director: Ian Winstanley, Country of origin: UK

Alternative Math is a humourous look at what happens when a well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.

Director: David Maddox, Country of origin: USA



Friday 22 September 2017, 3:00pm-3:30pm

Family Shorts:

Drew’s Dancing Drum


Turtle Soup

Drew’s Dancing Drum: Drew loves playing his drum for people until he is bullied by a boy named Malcolm. His dad encourages Drew to go on drumming and befriend the very boy that bullied him.

Corky: A corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs trapped inside. Uncork the magic!!

Turtle Soup: Adelaide Bell, a downtrodden 7-year-old, must harness her inner strength to save a turtle from his fate as turtle soup.



Friday 22 September 2017, 3:45pm-5:15pm


Passion for Planet takes us on an adventure around the globe. In front of the most spectacular natural backdrops and wildlife observations we dive into the universe of the world’s best wildlife filmmakers. Facing the pain of the destruction of the natural world, they now have to ask themselves: Can they save their love?



Friday 22 September 2017, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Feature Documentary: The Memory of Fish

The Memory of Fish is a documentary portrait of the intertwined lives of Dick Goin and wild fish, and his fight to free a river. The Elwha River’s salmon fed Dick and his family after they migrated to the Olympic Peninsula during the Dust Bowl, and Dick never forgot his debt to the now disappearing fish. We follow Dick, a pulp mill worker and master fisherman, as he uses his memories and persistence to battle for the biggest dam removal project in US history so that the salmon can come home.




Epic Shorts – Comedy!

Saturday, 23rd of September 2017

Time: 2:00PM

Short Films:

#Actorslife Canada https://vimeo.com/224100311

Filling In United States https://vimeo.com/202705545

Fisheries Cops Australia

Girl Meets Roach United States https://vimeo.com/216783416

Off Book United States https://vimeo.com/219038471

Sick Australia

The Fox Australia

The United Guys Network Canada

überRICH Australia


Epic Shorts – Aussie Shorts

Saturday, 23rd of September 2017

Time: 4:00PM

Short Films:

Bluff Australia

Breathing Wild Australia https://vimeo.com/217767288

Coming Out of the Shadows – Albinism in Fiji Australia/Fiji https://youtu.be/FPcUI1ENUFg

Grey Space Australia

Grounded Australia https://vimeo.com/211431051

Kurzeme Fortress Australia https://youtu.be/g5K-Ich9RWY

Panther Australia https://vimeo.com/215968399

The Other Man Australia

The Visitant Australia

The Wheels On The Bus Australia https://vimeo.com/163396159


Romantic Comedies with the Kicks!

Saturday, 23rd of September 2017

Time: 6:00PM

Feature Film: Love is Dead France https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GShthh9pJVQ

Short Films:

Stick To Your Gun New Zealand https://vimeo.com/168139479

Swipe Left Australia https://youtu.be/rfQWjAoxcbM

Tears of Valhalla New Zealand

That’s Life Australia

Vows United States https://vimeo.com/219768290


Epic Shorts – Family!

Sunday, 24th of September 2017

Time: 2:00PM

Albedo Absolute United States

Labels Australia

Muscles Australia

Night Light United States https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQOGKSGiKec

Rainbow Girls Denmark

Remarkable Australia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8LoJtZCqdI

Spill Australia

Some Sweet Oblivious Antidote United Kingdom

Tanguito Argentino Argentina https://vimeo.com/185804718


Comedy Adventure!

Sunday, 24th of September 2017

Time: 4:00PM

Feature Film: Grand Unified Theory Canada https://vimeo.com/161267172

Short Films:

Jinxed Australia

Man On Pier Australia


Romance Comedy & New Homes!

Sunday, 24th of September 2017

Time: 6:00PM

Feature Film: The Orchard Canada/USA https://vimeo.com/174438260

Short Films:

Beyond the Bubble Australia https://vimeo.com/209847672

Mug Shot Australia https://vimeo.com/229941271

Three of A Kind United States

War In Heels Australia


Epic Shorts – Mixed Bag!

Monday, 25th of September 2017

Time: 5:30PM

Short Films:

A Little Memory United States https://vimeo.com/205005932

A Universal Love Story Germany https://vimeo.com/192899040

Call Me Mrs Chan Hong Kong

Cosplay: Behind The Mask United States https://vimeo.com/215589982

Dear Kate Canada

Masterpiece Australia

Olfactory United States https://vimeo.com/182619972

Think Fast United States

UnTitled Australia https://youtu.be/Mvecml9SX2Y


Drama Thriller!

Monday, 25th of September 2017

Time: 7:40PM

Feature Film: Blank 13 Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlIZRDOBgGE

Short Films:

Magnus United Kingdom/Norway

My Year With Suicide Australia

Shiver Australia https://vimeo.com/205497052


Epic Shorts – Sci-Fi!

Tuesday, 26th of September 2017

Time: 5:30PM

Short Films:

Appellation United Kingdom

Eden United States

FILS Luxembourg

FTL Canada

Haley Canada

Neuroplastic Australia https://vimeo.com/212845101

Real Artists United States https://vimeo.com/183600832

Windows United States https://vimeo.com/203377146


Sci-Fi Night!

Tuesday, 26th of September 2017

Time: 7:40PM

Feature Film: Nephilim United States

Short Films:

8 Minutes Georgia

“Hero” – a charity film project Australia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yD-s7i75TI

She Never Felt The Cold United States https://vimeo.com/205160317


Drama Thriller Night!

Wednesday, 27th of September 2017

Time: 5:30PM

Feature Film: Isolani United Kingdom https://vimeo.com/222539329

Short Films:

5639 Australia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_vNRGY2Pso

Lime Green As Australia


Drama Thriller Night!

Wednesday, 27th of September 2017

Time: 7:40PM

Feature Film: One Buck United States https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYOMoHMo0SM

Short Films:

Doll Australia https://youtu.be/k9xkfsXW3QU

Happy Birthday Luke Canada

No Fury Australia

Once and Done United States https://vimeo.com/230028492

The Inuring United Kingdom


Closing Night Events!

Red Carpet Arrival: 5:00PM

Thursday, 28th of September 2017

Time: 5:30PM

Feature Film: Il Viaggio Italy

Language is Dead United States

The Return Australia


Awards Night Events!

Thursday, 28th of September 2017

Time: 7:40PM

Feature Film: Forgotten Man United Kingdom https://vimeo.com/138187581

Short Films:

Ineffable France

Mrs. S. Australia https://vimeo.com/168294817


Awards Announcements!


Program subject to change without notice.



 Sydney Indie Film Festival Team