Sydney Indie Film Festival – Janne of Love – Short Film

Sydney Indie Film Festival – Janne of Love – Showing Monday 19th October 2015, 6PM

Short Films:

Janne of Love (Bulgaria)

“Janne of love” is a humorous investigation of the communicational problems, cultural differences and prejudices of contemporary Europeans. Bulgarian, Finnish and English language “get along, hide real intentions and clash” just like the characters, pointing out the invisible borders in a globalized world.

The wild journey starts in Bulgaria, where Millitsa and Anni meet two Finnish boys – Timo and Ilkka. Beer is flowing, the temperatures are getting high, so as the passions. After getting intoxicated and recklessly breaking the law, the feelings of the main characters evolve and culminate in a shameless love confession on the dance floor.

Finland, Timo and Millitsa are already married. When alone they are the perfect match, but in public the joyful and noisy Millitsa gives Timo a hard time. Soon the stereotypical views cause their love language to fall apart. They start speaking their native tongues and their mind. Clichés and the bias that Eastern and Western Europeans have against each other burst out in a hilarious argument.

Will there be a solution in this never-ending conflict? And who, for God’s sake, is Janne!?

Director: Vilma Kartalska
Key Cast: Millitsa Gladnishka, Juha Hippi, Vilma Kartalska
Miska Kajanus


Janne of Love - Film Still Image

Janne of Love – Film Still Image