Sydney Indie Film Festival – Seahorses – Showing Friday 23th October 5PM – Dark Comic Drama

Sydney Indie Film Festival – Seahorses

Feature Film:


Seahorses (USA)

A lonely and intense man invites a mysterious woman he met on craigslist into his house. He gets much more than what he bargains for as this strange young woman takes over his life. What transpires is a dramatically intense and darkly comic journey about love, co-dependency and loss

Director: Jason Kartalian
Cast:Justine Wachsberger, Ian Hutton




Short Films:


Entailment (Australia)

At a low point in his marriage, Josh cheats with Nina, a woman desperate to have a child. As he struggles to keep his betrayal a secret, he finds that his is not the only one.

Director: Cam Smeal


Entailment - Film Still Image

Entailment – Film Still Image


Hai-ti-a (Taiwan)

It’s a short film to appeal to stop killing dolphins.
On the west coast of Taiwan, people used to kill dolphins for different meals. Even though it is prohibited by government, there are still many illegal markets to trade dolphins for gourmand. This film intends to reveal the brutality of killing and protest the greedy of glutton.



HAI-TI-A - Film Still Image

HAI-TI-A – Film Still Image