Sydney Indie Film Festival – Containment – Showing Sunday 25th October 2PM – Sci-Fi Action Afternoon

Sydney Indie Film Festival – Containment (Australian Premiere) – Showing  Sunday 25th October 2PM – Sci-Fi Action Afternoon
+ Family Comic Drama


Feature Film:

Containment (UK)

Mark, a failed artist estranged from his wife and son, wakes one morning to discover that the doors and windows of his flat have been sealed shut. He assumes it’s a sick joke until he sees an army of ‘Hazmats’ – mysterious figures in protective suits – patrolling the grounds and attacking his fellow residents.

When a neighbour smashes through their adjoining wall, Mark joins forces with his new-found ally and others from within the block. Together, they must work to defend themselves from the sinister Hazmats. But they soon discover that the greatest danger is sealed inside with them…

Director: Neil Mcenery West
Cast: Lee Ross,Sheila Reid, Andrew Leung,Louise Brealey,Pippa Nixon, Gabriel Senior


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Short Films:


The Crush Space (Australia)

Three Siblings. Three Secrets. One Mother. One Car.
When siblings Laura, Patrick and Grace are called back to the suburbs to visit their mother, they each have a secret to hide. Trapped in Laura’s defaced car on the drive to a family reunion, it’s not a matter of if their mother will find out, but when.

Director: Erin Latimer
Cast: Bella Martin, Gisele Scales, Emm Wiseman, Jack Douglas

THE CRUSH SPACE - Film Still Image

THE CRUSH SPACE – Film Still Image

Separation (USA)

A recently divorced family, comprised of a mother, father, and little girl, struggles to assimilate to their new lives. The girl, Abigail, resorts to surprising alternative methods to cope.

Director: Andrew Schwarz
Cast:Shea Saracino, Suzanne Rydz, Mark Lyons, Marlena Holman, Nick Adamson, Petra Denison


SEPARATION - Film Still Image

SEPARATION – Film Still Image